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How to Build Trust in Business Relationships

  Being really good at building trust makes an enormous difference to your ability to get results in business. Trust is a word that’s getting a lot of use right now. This is mostly because of a lack of trust in governments, institutions like banks, politicians, CEOs of large corporations etc. At the same time, […]

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Do your customer experience ads lie?

We want to share two examples of brand trashing and, for complete contrast, a great example of recovery.  Also, we’ll look at a simple formula you can use to think about how well you deliver value to your customers. You must have had experiences where promises made by the organisation that wanted your business were […]

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6 mistakes to avoid in hiring consultants

If you’ve ever had to hire or work with a management consultant you might have had one of these thoughts – There are so many to choose from, how can I make the right choice? What should I watch out for? How can I make sure I get the right result from the project? Before […]

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