Organisational Performance

Are your people, processes, products and services aligned to fully meet the expectations of your clients/customers/stakeholders? 

Organisational Alignment Assessment (OAA) – This is a powerful on line assessment that goes way beyond assessments of staff engagement to assess the capability of your organisation to achieve its goals and meet the expectations of customers and other stakeholders.

Instead of looking at lag indicators to try to understand how to improve the performance of your business use this OAA to look ahead and understand what needs to change to deliver success.  Independent review shows that this methodology has predictive ability.

This OAA will identify gaps in performance that are preventing your organisation reaching high potential  We can help you close those gaps so you hit targets for growth, sustainability and profits

We can show you the “stretch” factors needed to match international best practice.

Strategy is easy – Execution gets results.  Let us help you build or strengthen an Execution Culture – a culture of “getting things done” that translates your Strategy into business results.  Too much time is spent in many organisations on activity instead of results.  Boost productivity and results by running this on line assessment and discovering how to build a much more productive Execution Culture.

Get rid of those Service Level Agreements that only lead to blame shifting.  Cut through the silos by building Team Work between Teams and establishing shared goals and responsibilities through our Partnering Program.

Change Management: the method so often used of “unfreeze” reset or change and “refreeze” does not deliver sustainable results as the new system too often returns to its old habits. We have a comprehensive Change Management methodology that has been used extensively internationally and it delivers enduring results.

Talent Management.  The Talent Management Process (TMP) is an ongoing, dynamic process that assesses the current managerial talent present in an organisation so that action plans can be created to develop leaders at all levels to their full potential.

Our online Risk Culture Assessment puts the spotlight on culture in relation to the management of risk. This assessment will show you where the strengths and weaknesses are in your Risk Culture at all levels of your organisation and our recommendations for improvement.

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