Business Relationships

High value sales are still mostly made by people to people, especially in the B2B space. Dealing with people we trust is a vital part of the buying decision.

The Business Relationship app helps your sales people, BDMs, account managers and relationship managers build Trust quickly for relationships that last.

The Business Relationship app will help your people close more sales and keep more clients. The app runs on Android, iPhone or iPad.

Case Study: Mitsubishi Motors in Japan had 800 sales reps coached in the system that underpins the Business Relationship app. In the next 2 years they sold an average 39 more cars per year than another 800 who were not coached.

That’s a total of 31,200 extra sales each year.

BUILDING TRUST is the Winning Benefit of the Business Relationship app. Here’s how it helps –

  • Sales: You’re dealing with a new prospect. The app shows you how to position your pitch (in person or in a proposal) to increase your success.
  • Relationship Management: The app helps you understand the key drivers of your client’s behaviour and how to act to ensure you are seen as a Trusted Adviser.
  • Leadership:Whether you’re negotiating with a senior colleague or figuring out how to best engage a new member in your team the app give you clear insights into what will motivate or demotivate them.

Sales Competency Assessment. This is a great tool to help sales managers coach sales reps to outstanding success. This assesses 13 practical steps critical to sales success and identifies strengths and areas for improvement. This shifts debate away from whether cold call and other targets were met to a focus on building skills that really do affect sales results.