People Performance

“Manage the Processes and Lead the People”

Coaching for High Performance

We specialise in small group and one on one coaching to help your people build the skills they need to achieve high performance.  Leaders today need the skills to manage the processes and lead the people.  So often we find people who have risen to team leader, middle management or executive ranks from technical backgrounds without being coached in the difficult art of leading people.

Leaders at all levels need to be skilled at Persuasion and Influence.   Leadership now is about building trust, selling concepts, winning commitment and ensuring support, not about issuing directives.

We can support your Learning & Development (L&D) activities with a range of validated programs and tools that are used by many Fortune 500 organisations internationally. We tailor all our interventions to meet your needs and we incorporate action/experiential learning that reflects what your people deal with in their roles to achieve business results.

We have a suite of 360° profiles that provide self-knowledge for the people we coach and this gives a solid foundation for development.

Executive Coaching.  For senior executives John Dawson provides one on one coaching using an approach designed to strengthen ability to exercise sound judgement and achieve outstanding performance in leading and managing organisations, business units or teams.

We use internationally validated profiling systems and coaching programs to help your people build and strengthen their skills and competence in –

  • Performance-based Leadership. This focuses on the leadership skills needed to deliver business results, not on personality – not on what leaders are like but on what they need to do.
  • Persuading & Influencing Others. These skills are paramount today in every significant role, from sales reps/account managers to CEOs. We give you a lifetime system for dealing effectively with others. This is supported by the unique Business Relationship App allowing you to profile others on your iPad, iPhone or Android.   Independent testing has shown that people using this system are more effective in working with others than people using DiSC® or MBTI®.
  • Emotional Capability. The ability to perceive, express, understand and regulate emotions has been found to be twice as important as technical skills or IQ in job performance. This program provides coaching in effective management of emotions for business performance.
  •  Innovative Decision Making. We all have to find new ways to break through outdated paradigms, improve performance and meet the changing needs of our customers and stakeholders.  We can provide your team members with the “know how” to be innovative.
  •  Team Effectiveness Training. For a team to perform really well there must be strong communication, understanding and trust between members. This program delivers on all factors.
  •  Organisational Savvy.  Politics exist in every organisation.  It is critical to have the skills needed to be politically savvy – to understand how to negotiate organisational politics and exercise effective influence with integrity and ethics.

The PASport Personality Profiling system assesses an individual’s personality in terms of 4 primary traits; Dominance, Extroversion, Conformity and Patience. Areas examined include:

  • Communication style
  • Energy level
  • Stress level
  • Leadership style

These profiles are simple to administer, user friendly and cost effective.  The system can also be used to determine the wording of ads to attract the right candidates and also provides specific questions to put to individuals at interview.